OMO Re-Play


Plastic pollution has a tremendous impact on the planet and on the future of our society. Therefore, it is necessary to create awareness and trigger behaviour change. Thereby, this change needs to be initiated in the behaviour forming years of childhood. Taking a look at the toy industry, which is a big part of children’s lives, 90% of toys are made out of plastic. Thus, toys have the highest product plastic intensity in the consumer good industry and serve as starting point in the challenge of reducing plastic waste.


OMO Re-play is an educational recycling programme for parents and children, which teaches about the value of recycling and sustainability through the adventure of building a new school playground from recycling old and broken toys. In a playful way children learn about the negative impact of plastic waste and how recycling gives new purpose to things. Meanwhile, parents become role-models by returning their detergent bottles, which are in turn recycled into new OMO bottles


Through a collaboration with Outdoor Classroom Day, partnerships with schools are established. Additionally, a network is built with support from government and local communities. Furthermore, the success of the project is ensured through recycling playground manufacturer. Finally, further collection points are created with supermarkets, allowing for participation from the extended community.


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